Employment to Entrepreneurship – Workshop

Hungry to begin your entrepreneurial journey?

Want to find your opportunity?

Ready to commit to action?

This 1.5 hour workshop is for employees who are committed to making the leap to entrepreneurship and finding the right opportunity for them.

Many people spend years dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur, but don’t act. The opportunity passes them by.

On the other hand, right at this very moment, there are people actively searching for opportunities, developing as entrepreneurs, testing ideas and building their own businesses.

If you long to be one of these deliberate entrepreneurs, now is your chance. The availability of capital for early stage founders is at an unprecedented high – no one knows how long this will last. If you’re finally ready to get started, then this workshop will turn your thinking into action.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity!

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn the practicalities of people actually searching
  • See what works, and the mistakes others have made
  • Get a framework for finding your opportunity
  • More value in one hour than in months trying to piece this information together alone
  • Learn about coaching groups: I lead multiple coaching groups of max 10 highly selective, curated groups of individuals at various stages of the exploration journey

The workshop will run in January 2022.

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About Galen

The material in this workshop is based on my own experience (ex-BCG, 3x $1m+ startups, $4m+ VC raised) and my coaching experience helping aspiring entrepreneurs to find their opportunities on my Deliberate Entrepreneurship accelerator program.