Deliberate Entrepreneurship – Coaching Program

The Deliberate Entrepreneurship Coaching Program is an invite-only, 12-week, practical program designed to help you consistently produce high quality entrepreneurial work.

By the end of this program, you will routinely be doing the best work you’ve ever done as an entrepreneur.

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By the end of the program you’ll achieve:

  • Clarity: on the direction you want to take your entrepreneurial projects and the work you need to do to get there
  • Confidence: in your ability, approach and ultimate entrepreneurial success
  • Consistency: in the quality and quantity of your entrepreneurial work

Is the Deliberate Entrepreneurship Coaching Program right for me?

This program may be a good fit for you if you meet the following criteria:

  • You have already begun your entrepreneurial journey
    • You have been working on one or more entrepreneurial venture(s) for some time (either part-time or full-time)
    • You are not making the progress you know you are capable of
  • You’re still in the exploratory stages of your business
    • You’ve yet to find an idea that you are fully committed to
    • OR
    • You’re fully committed to an idea, but have not yet proven its long term viability (product-market fit; profitability or funding)
  • You’re committed to action
    • You’ve taken demonstrable action toward making your entrepreneurial dream a reality
    • You understand that the only way you can learn and grow as an entrepreneur is via action (you are familiar with the customer development framework)
    • You are committed to doing the work needed to make your business happen
  • You know that you can’t make it on your own
    • Look at all of your past successes – how many of them did you achieve without support? The best entrepreneurs have the best support networks
    • You understand the advantages of joining a small group of high potential entrepreneurs who are committed to developing as leaders
    • You are excited at the prospect of being pushed to embrace your growth challenges and run at them head first. There is no space to hide!

This program is right for you if you are ready to take your entrepreneurial pursuit to the next level

This program is different

It’s a practical, hands-on coaching experience tailored specifically to your needs:

  • Individual: in 1:1 Coaching Sessions we’ll determine and work through your highest priority challenges
  • Practical: this Intensive is explicitly designed to help you change your behaviors and actions. All learning is designed to be instantly applied
  • Hands-on: you’ll be participating in interactive, live sessions with a small, close-knit peer group

In 99% of cases, lack of knowledge isn’t what’s holding entrepreneurs back: it’s lack of knowing how to apply that knowledge.

The Value of your Peer Group

  • Accountability: you will work with a small peer-group of high potential entrepreneurs who are committed to developing as leaders
  • Challenge: you will be pushed to embrace your growth challenges and run at them head first. There is no space to hide!
  • Support: building a business from scratch is hard. Being part of a close knit tribe of likeminded peers helps keep you on track during the highs and the lows

Program Format

The program runs over 12 weeks. All participants commit to spending at least 10 hours per week on entrepreneurial work for the duration of the program.

Monthly Program Format:

  • Weekly x 60 Minute Group Coaching: from goal setting & reporting through whatever performance, cognitive and emotional challenges are faced by this group of high caliber early stage entrepreneurs
  • Unlimited 1:1 Coaching Sessions: entirely tailored to your highest priority individual challenges
  • Monthly x 60 Minute Group Workshops: an open forum for questions & advice on all aspects of your work
  • Ongoing Peer Check-Ins: building the foundation for ongoing peer support
  • Unlimited access to community resources: community forum, content and slack group

All sessions last 60 minutes and are held on Zoom.

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How does the Coaching Intensive work?

In building 3 x $1m+ businesses, raising $4m+ in venture capital and working with 100s of entrepreneurs as a coach, one key fact has become clear to me:

Everyone who decides to become an entrepreneur believes 100% in their ability to succeed.

It’s this belief that picks us up off the floor every time we reach that point of despair (of which there are many as an entrepreneur!).

When we’re working from this place of belief, no obstacle is too high. We’re confident in our ability to overcome any hurdle that may come our way.

We’re working at our full entrepreneurial potential.

Unfortunately, we lose sight of this belief all too easily.

There are many cognitive and emotional obstacles that impede our self-belief and performance.

We spend most of our days operating far below our potential:

Performance = Potential – Obstacles

I’m sure you can readily bring to mind performance comparisons of your good days (doing a full week’s work in several hours) vs. your bad days (seemingly no way forward; wondering why you ever thought you were cut out to be an entrepreneur in the first place).

Perhaps you’ve spent a long time out of touch with that self-belief entirely, and are fundamentally questioning whether you can make it as an entrepreneur.

Well… you can, if you believe you can.

Steadfast self-belief is the most valuable asset of any successful entrepreneur.

This program works by strengthening your self-belief and enabling you to spend more time performing at full-potential

1) Reconnect to your self-belief – your belief that you can succeed as an entrepreneur:

  • Group & peer-to-peer sessions to build a sense of community and support in the group
    • Learn from others going through the same process of early stage entrepreneurship
    • Be held accountable and pushed to grow by high-caliber, ambitious peers
  • 1:1 coaching sessions to reconnect with your self-belief & unique entrepreneurial mission
    • Based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, Person Centered Theory & Positive Psychology

2) Remove the obstacles to your performance:

  • Group & 1:1 coaching sessions to explore the obstacles unique to your situation
    • Unhelpful comparisons: explode the myth of effortless entrepreneurship
    • Unrealistic expectations: a framework for setting more realistic expectations and more accurately measuring progress

Program Selection Process

In any coaching program, the group dynamic is vitally important.

We run a highly competitive and selective process to offer only the most ambitious, committed entrepreneurs a place on this program.

  • Applications will go live in mid-September
  • Interviews will take place on a rolling basis from mid-September
  • Program will go live for 12 weeks starting October 4th

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Be the first to know when applications go live & get early access

This is the inaugural program, so you can expect my usual level of commitment to client success, combined with an unscalable level of attention and elbow grease!