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Client Testimonials

Andreas, ex-BCG DV

“Quitting my job and exploring startup ideas is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Galen has helped me tremendously  both with practical advice (i.e. validation techniques, challenging my assumptions) and psychologically (i.e. helping me with motivation). I highly recommend working with him!” 

Marilena, ex-McKinsey

“The exploration process can really challenge you in many ways. Galen created a support system, which pushes me up in the lows, celebrates my highs and is a great sparring partner for any questions and decisions I need to tackle.”

Frederik, ex-Deutsche Bank

“Nobody talks about the incredible ups and downs that go along with finding the right opportunity for your entrepreneurial dream. Having someone in your corner like Galen who can offer both mental as well as technical support has been incredibly valuable. Any up-and-coming athlete has a strong coach, so it only makes sense that entrepreneurs find one as well.”

Boris, ex-Product Management

“Through working with Galen I’ve gained a better perspective, learned how to better deal with the uncertainty inherent to this part of the entrepreneurial journey, and I’ve also received very helpful practical advice. I definitely recommend working with him!”

Miriam, ex-UN, Social Impact Entrepreneur

Galen has been able to help me sort my thoughts and trust my foundations. While trying to juggle a full-time job and exploring business ideas on the side, my conversations with him always brought more clarity, a solid direction and great encouragement for all my endeavours. He is a great coach to work with.

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